Photo: Ramin Hashempour

Hilda Hashempour is a mother, actress and award winning filmmaker, who grew up in Iran. She began her professional journey with acting in feature films and working with prominent Iranian filmmakers. However, after years of discrimination due to her belief in the Baha’i faith, she decided to immigrate to Canada. There, she continued her education at Toronto Film School, and began to explore her passion for storytelling as a director and writer. The shift from acting to film making taught her how to use images and sound, instead of her voice and body to express her artistic vision.

“I make art, because it helps me understand my own existence. Each work is a piece of my soul fulfilled in that moment"

“Making art is like mining, you're pretty sure there is gold in there and you dig and dig and dig until you find it. It could be a bumpy road, with many obstacles, but you gain so much knowledge and wisdom as you dig, as you work and as you explore. This is how I see it.”

Hilda holds a MA in Producing for Film and TV from American University. She currently resides in Washington DC and continues to explore herself and the world around her artistically.